What’s in an Egg McMuffin?

We’re all known to try and grab a few extra minutes of sleep every morning and grab something on the way to work. I’ve often preferred to grab an egg Mcmuffin price on my way to the office because it felt like the healthiest option out there. So, a salute to McDonalds and grabbing that protein filled breakfast item at such an affordable rate seemed too good to be true. And when things seem too good to be true, they usually aren’t.

What’s in an Egg McMuffin? What does it contain? This so called healthy protein based Egg McMuffin taste very delicious or out of this world for its lovers. It is very plain and digestible. It fills you up for a while and that satisfies you. However, if we ever look past what’s in an Egg McMuffin, we can count the healthy ingredients which are the English muffin, the cheese, the bacon and the liquid margarine.

egg Mcmuffin price

Putting the muffin of the egg Mcmuffin price to one side, the rest of the ingredients may seem to be healthy alternatives to what we may have purchased from elsewhere. These eggs do not come from farms only; they come from factories where the hens are cooped up and being fed only soy and corn. They lack the vitamin D as well and the beta carotene and other essential nutrients.
The Canadian style bacon that is added in the egg Mcmuffin price is genetically modified. The pigs too are fed a specific diet to enhance their growth. The bacon itself is doused in sugar, salt, sodium diacetate and sodium nitrate. Sodium nitrate is used to preserve the bacon and is very dangerous since it contains poisonous residuals heavy metals, arsenic and lead.

If you look at the liquid margarine applied in an Egg McMuffin, you will see that it is made up of around fifteen ingredients which include soy lecithin and tans fat. Trans fat is known to cause premature heart attacks and also increases risk of cancer, depression, asthma and diabetes.  And what makes everything worse, that everything that makes up the Egg McMuffin is fried in trans fat. So you’re basically eating a potential heart attack.

egg Mcmuffin price

So, the next time you get in line at the drive thru for an Egg McMuffin, you should probably consider What’s in an Egg McMuffin? And that spending ten minutes to make your own breakfast might result in your living a longer and healthier life than you would if you consume another one of those.

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