Egg McMuffin Nutrition

One of my top favorite things about going to McDonalds is the fact that they lay out their egg Mcmuffin nutrition data for the consumer to go through. It is all over their website within easy access. I call that a very smart and bold move.

egg Mcmuffin nutritionWhen it comes to their Egg McMuffin, a classic breakfast specialty at McDonalds as it has been for years, many people simply read the fact that they will only be consuming 300 calories. However, if you’re a fitness freak like me, then the rest of the data also plays a pivotal role in deciding how nutritious this meal is in actuality.

The total overall fat packed in this harmless looking sandwich is 12 grams and 5 grams of saturated fat. Now since the egg Mcmuffin nutrition contains processed American cheese, Canadian style bacon, liquid margarine and egg, it is the egg and the processed cheese which bear the fat content.

The cholesterol and sodium content of the Egg McMuffin is particularly high. 260 mg of cholesterol can be found in this tiny sandwich and 820 mg of sodium.  Now if you are one of those people who just doesn’t feel like making your own breakfast once in  a while so you swing by McDonalds to pick up an Egg McMuffin, there is a very strong likelihood that you blood pressure will not spike.

However regular consumers of this sandwich run a higher risk of getting a heart attack. The high amount of sodium is also likely to cause your blood pressure to rise. Not a very pleasant prospect.

Now, whilst the Egg mcMuffin does have its negative points, it does not entirely lack in nutrients. 20% of you DV of iron and 30% of your DV of calcium are pretty high ratings. Other crucial nutrients also form this sandwich as a whole as well. 10% of Vitamin A, 8% of DV of fiber also play a pivotal role in this popular breakfast item. So, the sandwich is not entirely without it’s positive aspects. Nothing in life is wholly bad.

egg Mcmuffin nutrition

Eating an Egg McMuffin on a daily basis is probably a very bad idea. But on occasion treating yourself is pleasant experience. After all, having too much of a good thing always tends to have negative consequences.

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